Previous Projects

We are not able to identify all of the projects we have completed due to confidentiality agreements, some projects we have completed are described below.

Projects Completed:

  • Motorsport Timing Control System for Auto Solos:
    • SMS Text Messages sent to competitor after each run
    • Live results displayed on web page
    • Designed to allow single person to control starting of cars and timing
    • Interfaced to TAG Heur Chronoprinter for timing information and TAG Heur LED Display to show information to competitors
    • Automatic Transition of Groups / Cars for each course minimising time lost during group/course transitions and administration.
    • Self-contained database (SQLite) for each event making it a true stand alone application
    • False Start Prevention Integrated
    • Car Re-ordering / Re-runs / Withdrawal supported
    • Configurable number of runs per course and number of courses per event
    • Unlimited number of Groups
    • Unlimited number of Classe
    • Automatic Calculation of Results including
      • Maximum Times for Each Run
      • Wrong Tests for Each Run
      • Total Time to be applied for penalties for Each Run
      • Calculation of Overall Index Time
    • Import and Export Functionality
    • Designed using the Microsoft .NET framework

Websites Hosted or Developed by eWebNET:

We have developed various websites as part of our innovative solutions for customers, below are links to some of our customers.